Eternal Secret Silver Talisman Necklace


The raw-look sterling silver of the Eternal Secret tablet looks as though it were shaped by rushing water over millennia, with a subtle reminder etched in: ἀεί is the ancient Greek word for eternal, forever, always.

This necklace is imbued with an awareness of that which is eternal. Like a stone that has sat in the riverbed for hundreds of years, the tenacity and hope of humankind extends long before and well after our individual lives. This talisman is to be worn as a secret reminder that this too shall pass.

When all seems hopeless, allow it to wash over you and drain away, like water rushing over stones. It is not your experiences that shape who you are, but how you receive them.

Your worst day will end. Hope, love, and kindness are eternal.


30mm x 10mm solid sterling silver tablet necklace
Tarnish-resistant hypoallergenic rhodium plating
Chain length: 20" with 18" jump ring
Chain type: solid sterling silver 1mm wheat chain