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Common Era in the Wild

Common Era in the Wild

I see elegant, stylish, intelligent people on our socials, in our reviews, our inboxes, and out & about – pretty hands, lush as rose petals and gleaming with gems, collars encircled with glimmering solid gold, locks of hair tucked lovingly behind ears adorned with the apotropaic Medusa. It’s equal parts exciting and staggering to see Common Era in the wild, and hearing your voices is nothing short of inspiring.

Common Era Muses come in all forms: business owners, artists, parents, students, ingenues, readers, connoisseurs, lovers, sophisticates, leaders, free spirits, and so much more. What binds this community is something that can’t be described in short. It’s an awe of the ancient world that shows itself in a timeless and charming style, balancing tasteful opulence with delicate simplicity. Our muses have an intuitive reverence for the essence of femininity and aesthetic beauty of every era, because they are the very reflection of it.


When I first discovered Common Era in its infancy, I remember thinking how dreamlike it all was. Faces of goddesses surfaced in my memory like the fluttering pages of books being opened to familiar pages. Was it Classics lessons, or something more innate that placed me beside these tall, shimmering archetypes of femininity?

I reached out to Torie to tell her how I felt, and we hit it off right away. I love small businesses, and I know how much an honest review means to one, so I related a story about how I’d been looking at Roman coin necklaces from a fast fashion brand that, when asked, could not provide any information about the emperor whose profile was used. It wasn’t a big deal, I supposed, but I had lost all interest. Creation is such a significant, purposeful act, but if the creator doesn't know or care, why would I?

This was the discovery of a cornerstone of Common Era that completely captured my heart. “Myth, magic and meaning,” we say, and this meaning runs deep. Not only is the spirit of art & archetype, honor & history, love & language imbued in each and every piece, but all this is alive and singing in the hearts of our muses, who recognize the innate melody of this most precious, ancient thing. It makes you easy to spot. But you can still tag us on socials too. ❤️