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The Common Cause

Gaia: The Beginning

First, there was void, whose name is Chaos. Then sprung Gaia, verdant and lush, like pea shoots through snow. Gaia is the Earth personified, her name evokes images of magnificent carved...

Persephone: The Wanderer

Persephone is not powerless. She never was. In the sparkling pomegranate seeds that tied her forever to the Underworld, we find the quiet strength of a capable woman who was...

Circe: The Sorceress

 Multi-faceted and intelligent, Circe was a goddess that had to do it all herself, and thus has become a symbol of knowledge and feminine power. 

Why We Can't Keep Anything In Stock

When you keep selling out of a particular style, that’s usually good news - people love your product! It makes for great PR too - you know the headlines - “The silk...

How we're supporting COVID-19 relief efforts

This is a strange and scary time to be a small business. Sales have plummeted because people aren't spending, which means many of us are struggling just to survive and keep the lights...

The Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is only weeks away, and while we all love to make fun of Hallmark Holidays, you have to admit that there’s no bad reason to spoil your mom....

What this Crisis Means for Common Era

In the last week, we’ve seen ad costs spike due to increased competition, our web traffic has dropped off almost entirely, and we have had almost no sales. Many businesses will...

The Birthstone Jewelry Gift Guide

The written history of birthstones is scant, but it’s believed they were first mentioned by the historian Josephus, who thought there was a connection between the 12 colors of Aaron’s...

The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and with it comes the terrible jewelry ads. You know the ones: trying to pass off brown diamonds as “chocolate”, the persistent jingle that sticks in...

Why I Founded Common Era

In mid 2019 I was absolutely miserable, even though I'd just gotten married and was about to move to New York. I'd spent 13 years working my way up to be...

The Real History of Valentine's

Valentine’s Day, like most holidays we celebrate today, has roots that run deep through the centuries. 

Gold: A World History

Gold is a shapeshifter. It doesn’t degrade or corrode; it merely changes form. A fleck of gold can hold the story of the world. 


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