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Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry
Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry
Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry
Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry
Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry
Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry

Anne Boleyn Solid Gold Signet Ring


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100% recycled solid gold

2 year warranty

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Anne Boleyn was one of the most enigmatic and influential queens in English history. She was not just a queen, but a transformative figure, whose presence forever altered the trajectory of the English monarchy.

Navigating the intricate politics of the Tudor court, Anne's charm, wit, and intelligence captivated the most powerful man in England, King Henry VIII. Their passionate relationship was not only a love affair but also an intellectual union. Anne's exposure to Lutheran reformist ideas, combined with her influence over the king, played a pivotal role in the English Reformation. This seismic shift, driven in part by their desire to marry, led to England's break from the Roman Catholic Church and the establishment of the Church of England.

Yet, Anne's rise to power was fraught with challenges. As the second wife of Henry she she faced both adoration and animosity. Her inability to produce a male heir, coupled with courtly intrigues and her bold religious stance, led to her tragic downfall. Accused of treason (wrongly, most modern scholars argue), Anne's life was cut short on the scaffold, but her legacy was indelible.

Despite her untimely end, Anne Boleyn's influence endures. She is remembered not just for her role as a queen but as a symbol of resilience, ambition, and religious reform. Her story, filled with passion, intrigue, and determination, continues to fascinate and inspire.

This solid gold signet ring is based upon one of the only remaining portraits of Anne. Wear this emblem to honor Anne Boleyn's legacy and let her tale inspire you to challenge conventions, embrace change, and pursue your ambitions with unwavering determination.

Why Solid Gold ✨

Solid gold is the best option if you:

1. Want to wear your piece forever or pass it down as an heirloom. Solid gold will last for centuries without degrading.

2. Want to invest in jewelry as an asset rather than an accessory. Gold traditionally appreciates in value and can always be melted down and made into a new piece

Unlike many brands, our gold is never hollow - it is always 100% solid, cast using the lost wax method, meaning there is a lot more gold in each piece.

Our gold is 100% certified recycled and each piece is handcrafted here in New York.


Product Details 🔍

100% certified recycled 14k solid gold

12mm x 6mm face
3.5mm thick

Handmade in New York City

When will my piece ship? 🚚

We keep a small inventory of solid gold pieces - please check about the 'Add to Cart' button to see if your piece is in stock.

If not, it will display the estimated ship time so that we can custom make it for you in our NYC studio.

What does Traditional Retail Price mean? 💸

Most brands sell through boutiques and department stores, where the pricing model is usually a 2 - 4x markup from their wholesale price. For example, the jewelry brand sells the piece to the store for $1000, and then the store sells it to you for $2,500.

Because Common Era sells directly from our studio, we can give our customers the same pricing we would be giving to wholesale stores.


When will my order ship?

All pieces except for made-to-order solid gold will ship within 24 hours on business days.

Solid gold orders ship from our NYC studio and the time to ship is indicated above the "Add to cart" button on those pieces.

What if my piece is lost in the mail?

This is in incredibly rare, but if it happens we will make it right with a free replacement.

Solid gold pieces are always shipped with signature required to ensure this doesn't happen.

Does your jewelry come in a box or a pouch?

Both! Our packaging is made in Chicago and consists of a peach-colored vegan suede pouch in a branded box, so they’re easy to wrap up as gifts.

The Making of a Molten Gold Ring

Each solid gold piece is made in our New York City studio from 100% recycled 14 karat gold. Come behind the bench as we craft a Molten Medusa Ring