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Zoom Ancient Heirloom Ring - Moonstone |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Ancient Heirloom Ring - Moonstone |  Rings - Common Era Jewelry

Ancient Heirloom Ring - Moonstone


Free shipping and returns

100% recycled solid gold

3 year warranty

Fairly made, fairly priced

Story 📜

Inspired by ancient rings that graced the hands of Roman Empresses, this is a piece to be treasured for decades and passed down through the centuries. A detailed braided solid gold band encircles your finger, displaying a substantial cabochon moonstone in a handcrafted bezel setting. This setting is the same used by ancient goldsmiths from the earliest known periods of history.

The most delicate and ethereal of gemstones, a moonstone is a column of moonlight plucked from the night air and solidified. The milky color obscures its secrets until turned and peered at just so; within, one will find a soft, feverish blue. To wear a moonstone on a moonless night is to heighten prophetic gifts, or even divine the future. For a young woman in the entourage of Artemis, a moonstone protects her as she walks the woods by night.

The Ancient Heirloom Ring is crafted in 100% recycled gold. Each piece is made to order for you in our NYC studio and takes roughly 2 weeks to ship.

Why Solid Gold ✨

Solid gold is the best option if you:

1. Want to wear your piece forever or pass it down as an heirloom. Solid gold will last for centuries without degrading.

2. Want to invest in jewelry as an asset rather than an accessory. Gold traditionally appreciates in value and can always be melted down and made into a new piece

Unlike many brands, our gold is never hollow - it is always 100% solid, cast using the lost wax method, meaning there is a lot more gold in each piece.

Our gold is 100% certified recycled and each piece is handcrafted here in New York.

Product Details 🔍

100% recycled solid yellow gold

Gold Weight
4.5 - 5 grams

7 x 5mm ethically-sourced cabochon moonstone

Made in New York City

When will my piece ship? 💌

We keep a small inventory of some pieces - please check above the 'Add to Cart' button to see if your piece is in stock.

If not, it will display the estimated ship time so that we can custom make it for you in our NYC studio.

What does Traditional Retail Price mean? 💵

Excellent question! The majority of brands sell through stores like Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter and local boutiques - this is called wholesaling.

The standard formula is that retailers can purchase jewelry at 50% off the RRP. They then double that price and sell it on to you. There is also an agreement that the brand cannot undercut the retailers and offer lower prices on their own website, so no matter where you shop, it's always the same price.

We do not wholesale our solid gold pieces - we make them in NYC to order.

This means we can offer an amazing price without the retail markup. It's that simple :)

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Ancient Heirloom Ring - Moonstone


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