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Guest Post: Ariana Sorkin

Guest Post: Ariana Sorkin

Two poems, inspired by ancient mythology by Ariana Sorkin:

"Every Goddess"

It was as if she was every goddess

With features from each one

Although she wasn’t flawless 

She never failed to stun


She stored the love of Aphrodite

And certainty had the beauty


When she had a target she would never miss 

Just like Artemis


She had a touch of magic like Circe

And always caused a little controversy


Like Nemesis she even had some sense for retribution,

ensuring revenge for bad things people had done


She could even win a war if she wanted to,

like Athena would beat any enemy she’d pursue 


And finally Persephone, they were most similar

Both were sometimes held by darkness like a prisoner

But other times they made life come to bloom

Bringing life and nature to any room



You may have heard stories about me

That my look turns men to stone

But you don’t know about the god of the sea

That part of the story is unknown 


The truth is that I was raped

Right in Athena's temple

Left as my whole body ached,

All I could do was tremble


Instead of being helped

I was cursed 

Left to live a life I had to accept, 

For fate cannot be reversed 


So everyday I would go outside 

And my look would kill a man 

No one realized I wanted to hide,

But I trusted that Athena had a plan


I did not realize my curse wasn’t really one

The curse was a gift in disguise

It protected me from what Poseidon had done

And now I held more power than any guys


Everything happens for a reason

There was even one for my curse

From then on I lived through every season

Knowing that I had lived through the worst




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