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Zoom Thalia Muse of Comedy Necklace |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Thalia Muse of Comedy Necklace - COMMON ERA
Zoom Thalia Muse of Comedy Necklace - COMMON ERA
Zoom Thalia Muse of Comedy Necklace - COMMON ERA
Zoom Thalia Muse of Comedy Necklace - COMMON ERA

Thalia Muse of Comedy Necklace

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Thalia (TAH·lee·uh) is the ancient muse of comedy, though her name comes from the ancient Greek meaning “to bloom”.  Her joyful heart finds delight in all things, and her optimism is infectious, teasing a blossom from every bud. 

Thalia is the muse for those who brighten every room they enter, who rejoice in the sound of laughter. She brings protection and inspiration to those who always have a genuine smile to share, no matter the circumstances.

Since ancient times, her symbols have been the comic mask and the shepherd’s staff. This handcrafted pendant depicts Thalia in an original etching from 1832, accompanied by both.

The trademark Common Era raised molten rim frames the pendant, which is suspended from a finely-woven Italian-made spiga chain.

Available metals: 18k Gold Vermeil or 14k Solid Gold 

Pendant dimensions 25mm x 10mm

Chain length: 20 inches 

Gold Vermeil chain: 1mm spiga chain included with Gold Vermeil pendant

Solid 14k gold chain: 1mm cable chain can be purchased with solid gold pendant


About Our Metals

18k Gold Vermeil
Solid 925 sterling silver plated with a 3 micron thick layer of 18 karat gold. Five times thicker than industry standard gold plating and composed entirely of precious metals. Gold Vermeil is a French technique that is a significant step up from regular gold-plated jewelry, which is most often made from cheap brass with a thin flash-plating of gold.

14k Solid Gold
Solid gold is an investment that lasts forever and is perfect to be passed down through generations, historically appreciating in value. Each solid gold piece is made to order within 4 - 6 weeks in our NYC studio.


<p><strong>Available metals:</strong> 18k Gold Vermeil or 14k Solid Gold </p>
<p><strong>Pendant dimensions</strong> 25mm x 10mm</p>
<p><strong>Chain length:</strong> 20 inches </p>
<p><strong>Gold Vermeil</strong> <strong>chain: </strong>1mm spiga chain <em>included</em> with Gold Vermeil pendant</p>
<p><strong>Solid 14k gold chain:</strong> 1mm cable chain can be purchased<span> </span><em>with</em><span> </span>solid gold pendant</p>
<p> </p>

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We use only conflict-free gems and 100% recycled gold and silver. All collections are crafted in our RJC-certified studio - the highest level of ethical and sustainability certification there is.


3% of all profits are donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, and we maintain additional ongoing donations to other organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors.


We are 100% woman-owned and independent. We do not have any outside investors and are entirely self-funded.


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