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Pleiades White Sapphire Gold Studs

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These gold vermeil white sapphire studs are inspired by the myth of the Pleiades. These were the seven sisters in Greek mythology, daughters of the Titan god Atlas and the nymph Pleione, and their loveliness was renowned. Late one night, the hunter Orion was passing through the forest when he saw the Pleiades basking in a moonlit glade. He was instantly enamored of the beauty and grace of the seven sisters, who were uninterested in his advances. Spurned but unrelenting, Orion pursued them anyway, forcing the sisters to flee.

Watching from Mount Olympus, Zeus took pity on the Pleiades. The king of gods transformed the sisters into seven white doves that flew up to the heavens and took their place as stars forever after. If you look closely in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere winter, you can catch sight of lovelorn Orion, still following the seven sisters in vain pursuit across the sky.

The gypsy-set white sapphires in these studs shine like stars buried in gold.

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