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Circe Gold and Diamond Medallion Necklace


The Circe medallion necklace is individually handcrafted in 18k gold vermeil and set with a natural white diamond. 

It features the signature Common Era raised high-polish rim, designed to shine like a molten gold wax seal.

Circe, Demi-Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic

Born a minor goddess with little influence, Circe had to manifest her own power through witchcraft—unlike the other gods, whose powers are innate to their immortal souls. Spells and magic were unnatural to them, and for her otherness, Circe was banished by Zeus to live alone on the island Aeaea.

Months turned into years on her enchanted island as Circe worked away, honing her craft, taming lions and wolves as companions. It was there, in solitude, where she discovered the true extent of her gifts. With the bountiful herbs, roots, and flowers of Aeaea, Circe practiced until she all but perfected the art of witchcraft.

Now and then, a lost ship would arrive on Circe’s shores and break her isolation. More often than not, the crew was made up of cruel and lustful men who would not hesitate to take advantage of a woman living alone. Unwilling to sacrifice her safety for their comfort, Circe sensed their intentions before they could act, and cast a spell to transform these men into pigs.

This 18k gold medallion is etched with a line drawing of Circe, with a 1.3mm diamond sun shining down upon her, just like on her island Aeaea.

Wear this piece when you're feeling the need to turn some boys into boars.

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Product Details

  • 18k gold vermeil
  • 1 inch diameter
  • Ethically sourced 1.3mm white diamond
  • 18 inch rolo chain