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You're Persephone!

Goddess of Springtime

Persephone is not just a goddess—she’s a goddess and a queen. She is eloved of those who delight in the changing of the seasons and worshipped by the ancient cult of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

About You

Beautiful, kind and thoughtful, you're the type of person who makes others bloom. Your kind heart is oftentimes worn on your sleeve, but beneath it lies a strength like no other.

You can be a hopeless romantic at times, but you're never afraid to stand up for yourself in a relationship. You're close with your mother and would do anything to see her smile.

About Persephone

Hades, the king of the Underworld, was struck dumb by Persephone's beauty as she picked flowers in a meadow.

Infatuated and overcome with desire, he abducted her and took her back to the Underworld with him. Demeter, her mother, searched the world for her daughter. In her grief, she withered crops and turned soil infertile.

Persephone yearned for the sweetness of the life she left above. In her sorrow, she cracked open a pomegranate, and crushed a seed between her teeth.

That single, tiny seed that passed her lips forever tied Persephone to the underworld. She would be allowed to return to her mother and the world of the living, but she was compelled to spend one third of the year as Queen of the Underworld.

Thus, as the springtime goddess retreated under the earth, leaves turned and fell, crops died, humans and animals huddled together as the land froze over. When the season passed, Persephone would emerge again, and the world would bloom.

The Persephone Collection

Honor your inner Persephone and complete your collection with the cult-favorite statement medallion with ruby crown, molten gold ring, or our brand new molten mini medallion.

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