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Our Story

A dream of making jewelry inspired by antiquity, crafted ethically from recycled precious metals.


3% of all profits are donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, and we maintain additional ongoing donations to other organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors.


We use only conflict-free gems and 100% recycled gold and silver. All collections are crafted in our RJC-certified studio - the highest level of ethical and sustainability certification there is.


We are 100% woman-owned, 100% woman-run and 100% independent. We do not have any investors and are entirely self-funded.

Our Purpose

Common Era was born out of our founder Torie's lifelong love of ancient history and mythology. She wanted to build a brand that brought Homer, Ovid and Virgil to life through jewelry, with a focus on craftsmanship and recycled metals.

Common Era's name is a nod to both the past and present. It's CE jewelry with BCE heritage. 

Our Craftsmanship

Each Common Era piece is handcrafted by master artisans in a Responsible Jewelry Council-certified atelier. We use 100% recycled metals in both our silver and gold pieces. All gems are conflict-free and natural - we do not use synthetic gemstones.

All hair accessories and solid gold pieces are handcrafted in New York City.

Our packaging contains no plastic and is made by hand in a small family factory in Chicago.

Our Causes

The Animal Welfare Institute is the top-rated animal organization on Charity Watch, with a score of A+. They are focused on reducing animal suffering caused by humans. AWI programs include rescuing pets from violence and abuse, ending the hunting of endangered species, and ending cosmetic animal testing. Each year, we donate 3% of our annual profits to the AWI.

We also maintain an ongoing monthly donation to Slaughterhouse Survivors, which rescues animals from dog meat farms in Harbin, China.

Our Sustainability Standards

The earth is important to us, so we operate in compliance with the standards, guidelines and directives issued by the following organizations:

- LBMA Responsible Gold/Silver Guidance
- American Gem Society
- The Kimberley Process

It is also important to note that our factory is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council, which sets the strictest standards for labor, wages, working conditions and environmental impact.

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