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You're Medusa!

Protectress of Women

So you took a goddess quiz and now we tell you that you're not technically a goddess. But Medusa is more than a goddess - born a mortal woman, she turned her rage upon those who would harm her and others. Read on for your full goddess profile!

About you

You are fiercely protective of not only those you love, but anyone who cannot protect themselves. You're known amongst friends as strong-willed yet kind, the one that people rely upon in times of sadness or pain.

Your strength was not always there - you nurtured it over time, taking suffering and turning it into courage.

About Medusa

The ancient poet, Ovid, tells us that she was once a beautiful mortal woman and a priestess of Athena. In the sacred temple of Athena, Medusa was raped, and the enraged goddess transformed Medusa into a Gorgon - a monster with snakes for hair.

Medusa would never be touched by a man again, for she could turn them to stone with only her gaze. But men are terrified by women who wield power, so it was not long before Perseus sought out Medusa to chop off her head, which was then used as a weapon.

Feminist theologian Elizabeth Johnson said that “Medusa has since haunted Western imagination, materializing whenever male authority feels threatened by female agency.” And so she does. 

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