Polyhymnia Muse of Hymns Necklace


Polyhymnia (po·lee·HYM·nee·uh) is the ancient muse of hymns, her very name derived from the ancient greek poly, meaning many, and hymn, meaning praise. She is known for her contemplative manner, anchored by deep thought and feeling. For this reason, she is also associated with the ancient practice of meditation.

Polyhymnia is the muse for those who seek a quiet solace from the world, the introverts who stand alone but never lonely. She is the muse for those who believe in a higher power that guides our mortal souls and offers comfort and understanding. 

This handcrafted pendant depicts Polyhymnia in an original etching from 1832, wearing the veil that has been associated with her likeness since the Renaissance.

The trademark Common Era raised molten rim frames the pendant, and hangs from a finely-woven Italian-made spiga chain.

Product Details:

  • 18k Gold Vermeil
  • Pendant dimensions 25mm x 10mm
  • Chain length: 20 inches 
  • Chain style: 1.2mm spiga with lobster clasp

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