Clio Muse of History Necklace


Clio (ancient: KLEYE·oh, but more recently KLEE·oh) is the ancient muse of history, her name stemming from the Greek root κλέω/κλείω meaning "to recount”. Clio is the muse for those who stand in the present but live in the past, fascinated with all the ancients can teach us. She brings inspiration to those who would not just celebrate history, but take its lessons and use them to craft a more beautiful future.

As the muse of history, Clio is most often pictured with a book or parchment, a laurel crown and a lyre. This handcrafted pendant depicts Clio in an original etching from 1832, accompanied by all three of her symbols.

The trademark Common Era raised molten rim frames the pendant, and hangs from a finely-woven Italian-made spiga chain.

Product Details:

  • 18k Gold Vermeil
  • Pendant dimensions 25mm x 10mm
  • Chain length: 20 inches 
  • Chain style: 1.2mm spiga with lobster clasp

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