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Zoom Mini Circe Molten Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Mini Circe Molten Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Mini Circe Molten Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Circe Molten Mini Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Circe Molten Mini Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Circe Molten Mini Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry
Zoom Circe Molten Mini Medallion |  Necklaces - Common Era Jewelry

Circe Molten Mini Medallion

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♺ 100% recycled solid gold

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♡   Ethically handcrafted in NYC

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Known for her powerful witchcraft, Circe embodies the magic of nature. She grew herbs and shrubs with medicinal properties: mandrake to protect herself, peony to ease pain, snowdrop and yarrow, poppy and rue. You can still find echoes of Circe’s work today: the licorice root in your skincare serum, or in aspirin, made from willow bark.

One of Circe’s most popular myths is found in Homer’s *Odyssey*, wherein Circe transforms Odysseus’s men into pigs. Often, she is reduced to just this one story, where she plays the part of the *femme fatale,* a powerful and beautiful woman that men find intimidating—and, in their fear, try to control. It’s a tale as old as time.

But turning men into pigs was an act of defense, not cruelty. Circe would not suffer the brutality of men who would control her. And though it’s probably not the best way to deal with *all* of your problems, there is a point in every woman’s life where she really could’ve used powers like that.

Multi-faceted and intelligent, Circe was a goddess that had to do it all herself, and thus has become a symbol of knowledge and feminine power. When you wear Circe about your neck, manifest her power, and remember that your destiny is yours to control.

This molten gold medallion honors Circe's independent spirit, her gaze aloft when most women were expected to lower their eyes. Around half the size of our original Circe Medallion, she is cast in 100% solid gold and can be purchased with or without a chain.

Why Solid Gold 💫

Solid gold is the best option if you:

1. Want to wear your piece forever or pass it down as an heirloom. Solid gold will last for centuries without degrading.

2. Want to swim, shower, wash your hands, go to the gym in your jewelry. Solid gold is not affected by moisture like plated or sterling silver jewelry.

3. Care about investing in jewelry as an asset rather than an accessory. Gold traditionally appreciates in value and can always be melted down and made into a new piece.

Our gold is 100% certified recycled and each piece is handcrafted here in New York.

Product Specs

100% recycled solid yellow or white gold

Pendant Dimensions
15mm x 15mm (excluding bail)
3mm thick

Solid 14k gold
20 inch cable chain with lobster clasp

Made in New York City

When will my piece ship?

Each solid gold piece is made to order in our NYC studio. Please allow two weeks for your custom made piece to ship :)

How do I decide between this piece and the original goddess medallion?

The originals are always selling out for a good reason - they are incredibly high quality gold vermeil pieces, set with sparkling gemstones. If you're looking for a statement piece that packs a punch, and you're happy to take your jewelry off whenever it might be anywhere near moisture, an original goddess is a fantastic choice.

This solid gold molten mini is the best choice for those of us that prefer to keep our jewelry on all the time and never worry about it getting wet. If this is a piece you see yourself wearing forever, the cost per wear is insanely low compared to gold vermeil, because solid gold lasts forever.

Either piece is a wonderful choice - it's really about which you love more and what suits your budget and lifestyle better!

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Watch the making of a molten ring

Handcrafted from 100% recycled gold in NYC

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We use only conflict-free gems and 100% recycled gold and silver. All collections are crafted in our RJC-certified studio - the highest level of ethical and sustainability certification there is.


3% of all profits are donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, and we maintain additional ongoing donations to other organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors.


We are 100% woman-owned and independent. We do not have any outside investors and are entirely self-funded.


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