Calliope Muse of Poetry Necklace



Calliope (kal·EYE·uh·pee) is the ancient muse of epic poetry and eloquence, historically invoked by illustrious writers like Homer and Dante. Calliope brings comfort to those seeking a steady voice in a crowded room, bestowing eloquence like honey upon the lips of the wearer. She brings divine inspiration, truth, and grace to writers, poets and all those who need a steady hand to guide their pen.

As the muse of the written word, Calliope is most often pictured with her stylus, a paper scroll or a book. This handcrafted pendant depicts Calliope in an original etching from 1832, accompanied by her book and lyre.

The trademark Common Era raised molten rim frames the pendant, suspended from a finely-woven Italian-made spiga chain.

Product Details:

  • Pendant dimensions 25mm x 10mm
  • Chain length: 20 inches 
  • Chain style: 1.2mm spiga with lobster clasp

18k Gold Vermeil

Solid sterling silver coated in a thick layer of 18k gold. Five times thicker than standard plating and composed fully of 100% precious metals - never cheap base metals like brass or bronze. Read more

14k Solid Gold

Solid gold will last forever and is perfect to be passed down through generations. Each solid gold piece is made to order within 4 - 6 weeks in our NYC studio. Pendants do not include solid gold chains. 

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