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Terpsichore Muse of Dance Necklace



Terpsichore (terp·SIK·uh·ree) is the ancient muse of dance; her very name means “delighting in dance" from the Greek words terpsis τέρπω  "to delight" and choros χoρός "dance".

Terpsichore is the muse of those who are light of foot and light of heart; those who find joy and redemption in movement. She inspires dancers to push themselves to greatness, break down barriers, and express a spectrum of emotion without speaking a single word.


This handcrafted pendant depicts Terpsichore in an original etching from 1832, floating above the ground as if mid-leap.


The trademark Common Era raised molten rim frames the pendant, which is suspended from a finely-woven Italian-made spiga chain.


18k Gold Vermeil

Solid 925 sterling silver plated with a 3 micron thick layer of 18 karat gold. Five times thicker than industry standard gold plating and composed entirely of precious metals. Gold Vermeil is a French technique that is a significant step up from regular gold-plated jewelry, which is most often made from cheap brass with a thin flash-plating of gold.


14k Solid Gold

Solid gold is an investment that lasts forever and is perfect to be passed down through generations, historically appreciating in value. Each solid gold piece is made to order within 4 - 6 weeks in our NYC studio. Read more

Product Details

  • Pendant dimensions: 25mm x 10mm
  • Chain length: 20 inches
  • Chain style: 1.2mm spiga with lobster clasp

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