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The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and with it comes the terrible jewelry ads. You know the ones: trying to pass off brown diamonds as “chocolate”, the persistent jingle that sticks in your brain for days. That’s the bad news.

The good news? We've written this gift guide to help you pick a unique, ethical piece of jewelry for your valentine.

For the romantic: Secret Message Rainbow Huggies, $345

These delicate earrings are the perfect gift for a romantic. Using the lost language of gems, invented by Marie Antointette’s personal jeweler, these huggies contain a hidden message for your beloved. Set in 18k gold vermeil, each huggies contains a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire and topaz. 


For the biggest heart: Aphrodite Gold and Garnet Goddess Pendant, $295

Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, is sculpted in perfect detail in this 18k gold vermeil pendant, suspended on a rolo chain. Set into the pendant is a, ethical, natural heart-shaped garnet. Who better to symbolize your love than Aphrodite?

For the best mom in the world: Gaia Gold and Emerald Goddess Pendant, $295

Gaia is one of the primordial Greek deities, born from nothingness, or Chaos, at the dawn of the universe. There are dozens of variations on her origin, but one thing that all the myths agree on is that she both created the earth and IS the earth. The word Gaia is actually a fusion of the Ancient Greek words for land and sky.⁠ She is the mother of all the Greek Gods and Goddesses. This pendant features a delicate single line drawing of Gaia with an emerald set in her crown.


For the bravest woman you know: Athena Gold and Sapphire Goddess Pendant, $295

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and courage. As Zeus's favorite child, she was the only one trusted to carry his mighty thunderbolt and wield it against gods and mortals. She is often referred to as "steely-eyed Athena" in Homer's Odyssey because of her flashing silver gaze. Athens was named for her, and the Parthenon still stands in her honor.

For the wild at heart: Artemis Gold and Diamond Goddess Pendant, $295

Artemis is the goddess of the moon and wild things. Known for her gleaming gold bow and arrow, she roamed the mountains with her trusty stag. Artemis is the perfect gift for the animal lover who’d rather be hiking than stuck inside on the couch.