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An Aesthete’s Guide to Being the Most, or the Logistics of a Hot Girl Summer

An Aesthete’s Guide to Being the Most, or the Logistics of a Hot Girl Summer

Being a hot girl is a spiritual state. A hot girl summer involves embracing frivolity, delight, and romance, and appreciating beauty in detail while defining and curating your tastes. It’s leaning into the carelessness of the season, and doing absolutely everything that your little heart truly desires.

But there are some things to take care of, so I threw together a little collection of notes and ideas.

Weekend Prep

Hot girl shower 

You already know. Exfoliate, face mask, let the steam from the shower rise and plump up your skin. Shave or wash your hair if you’re into that sort of thing. Use your favorite soap (mine smells like coffee and coconuts and I’ve never been happier) and moisturize right when you step out.

Slap on your skincare and absolutely do not skimp on the reef-safe sunscreen. Frankly, toss it in your bag for reapplication later, and pull your hair back with a scarf to keep it out of your face and protected from UV rays.

Tactfully organized closet

The amount of time I spend half naked post-shower has drastically reduced now that my closet has been organized my mood and outfit, a tip I learned from a dear, 86-year-old Missouri grandma who once told me that I have great legs. Thanks Patti, you’re a doll.

For me, the tactfully organized closet looks something like: work fits, casual fits, romantic fits, then evening fits, with fall/winter clothes stored neatly (ish) in plastic tubs. Invest in a couple sets of velvet or wooden hangers to help curate the vibe and make choosing a look a brief, yet pleasant experience.

The finishing touches

Could look like: a little makeup if you like, once the sunscreen’s dried down. Perfume dabbed behind the ears, because you never know when someone will want to whisper something in your ear. An impossibly extra accessory. A corset belt, a ribbon, socks over your tights.

Jewelry should be a finishing piece that ties everything together. This should always go on after sunscreen, makeup, hair product, and outerwear, in order to best preserve the integrity of the piece, especially if it’s not solid gold.

Post Weekend


It’s prudent to take a bit of time to reset and take care of those odds & ends so you’re not scrambling throughout the coming week.

Get a full eight hours. Nine if you’ve been out late. Oil cleanse that sunscreen and sweat away – I know it’s been hot, so rehydrate and toss in a load of laundry. If, like me, you’re a magnet for spilled drinks, drop your dresses at your local dry cleaner’s. Place your jewelry in the pretty suede bags they came in or a jewelry box where they won’t tangle and scratch each other.

Solidify the memories

I am absolutely obsessed with curated photo dumps at the moment. Find your best shots from the weekend and tag your friends. If you’re out wearing your Common Era, tag us in your hot girl summer pics! We love to see you in CE!

In order to move your weekend brain to week brain, journal your thoughts, feelings, details and special moments. The significance of memories doesn’t often show itself until later. Add doodles, stickers, film photos, tickets, stamps, notes, lipstick smears and pressed flowers. Then close the book.

Look ahead

I find I do my best work, internally and externally, when I have something to look forward to. Check in with yourself. What’s this week look like? Are you making plans to see good friends next weekend? Do you need to take some time in, with books or movies? Take a long walk or call your mom? Save up for something special or go out and enjoy it? Whatever you’re up to, go into it with confidence, grace, joy, and you’ll simply exude effortless hot girl vibes.