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Athena Sterling Silver Sapphire Medallion Necklace


The Athena medallion necklace is individually handcrafted in solid sterling silver and set with a natural blue sapphire.

It features the signature Common Era raised high-polish rim, designed to shine like a molten silver wax seal.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Courage

The most sharp-witted and formidable of the Gods, even Athena’s birth was like no other—she sprung from the head of Zeus, fully grown and dressed in battle armor. She would go on to win wars, champion heroes, and invent tools and crafts for the betterment of mankind. As testament to her skill, she was the only one of Zeus’ children trusted to wield his mighty thunderbolt.

Long ago, there was a new city founded on Attica. Athena and Poseidon, the God of the seas, both desired to claim patronage of the beautiful city. They agreed to hold a contest in which they would each bestow a gift upon the city, and the citizens would decide whose gift was better.

Poseidon went first, and smashing his trident into the ground, the God willed a seawater spring to leap from the ground. All were impressed at the might of Poseidon, but the citizens had no use for saltwater, however abundant.

It was Athena’s turn, and with a wave of her gracious hand, she planted a sapling that grew into an olive tree. The people rejoiced, thinking of all the uses of olive trees: wood for building, oil for cooking and cleaning and trade, and the olives themselves. They named Athena victorious, and the city was called Athens. Today, the Parthenon still stands in her honor at the spot where she won claim to the glorious city.

In this pendant, Athena wears her Corinthian plumed helm, ready for battle. A natural blue sapphire, symbolizing wisdom, shines from a hand-drawn starburst.

Wear Athena to call upon the fearless goddess as patron whenever you may need her wisdom and courage.

Also available in gold vermeil

Product Details

  • Solid sterling silver
  • 1 inch diameter
  • Ethically sourced 1.8mm sapphire
  • 18 inch rolo chain