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Eye of Horus Silver Talisman Necklace


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The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian talisman of protection, regeneration and healing. Our version is inspired by an amulet dated to 330 BCE, which was found in Cairo in 1923. 

Horus was the ancient Egyptian god of the sky and kingship, and was often depicted as a falcon. The origin of the Eye of Horus can be traced to a story that is known as The Contendings of Horus and Seth, found in the Chester Beatty Papyri. 

Seth (or Set) was the god of the desert and Horus's uncle through his father Osiris. Osiris had been the king of the Egyptian gods until his jealous brother, Seth, killed him, cut him into pieces and hid them all over Egypt. With Seth not ruling as king, Osiris's wife, Isis scoured the desert until she found every piece of Osiris, put him back together like some sort of demented Frankenstein, and breathed life back into him. Unfortunately for Osiris, he could no longer rule Egypt and had to live in the underworld, where he reigned as king of the dead. Isis became pregnant soon after, and gave birth to their son, Horus. 

When Horus came of age, he made the case to the other gods that he, not Seth, should rightfully rule Egypt as the son of Osiris. Many battles followed between the two gods, one of which resulted Horus losing his eye, which was torn into six pieces by Seth. The goddess Hathor restored Horus's eye, which came to be called 'wedjat' because it means 'whole' in Egyptian. 

The six parts of his damaged eye are each represented in one line of the traditional drawing of the Wedjat. 


25mm x 20mm solid sterling silver Eye of Horus pendant
Tarnish-resistant hypoallergenic rhodium plating
Chain length: 20 inches with a jump ring at 18 inches
Chain type: 18k solid sterling silver 1mm wheat chain