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Aphrodite Sterling Silver and Garnet Medallion Necklace


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The Aphrodite medallion necklace is individually handcrafted in solid sterling silver and set with a natural deep berry rhodolite garnet.

It features the signature Common Era raised high-polish rim, designed to shine like a molten silver wax seal.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite (known as Venus to the Romans) is probably the best known of all the Greek goddesses, a) because she has the coolest name and, b) because humans love love and beauty, and she's the Goddess of Love and Beauty. 

Our favorite Aphrodite story is the Judgement of Paris. In a mythical beauty contest where Paris, Prince of Troy, was the sole judge, Aphrodite convinced him to award her the prize - a golden apple - by promising him the most beautiful wife in the world. Paris sailed off to woo and marry the woman who became known as Helen of Troy, igniting the Trojan War and giving us scantily-clad Brad Pitt in 2004's Troy.

Wear the Aphrodite medallion when you're feeling amorous, heading on a first date, or needing a little self-love.

Also available in gold vermeil

Product Details

  • Solid sterling silver
  • 1 inch diameter
  • Ethically sourced 3.5mm heart-cut garnet
  • 18 inch rolo chain